Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Group activities! "The thing I hate most"-themed party. We decided to have The Pope as the thing we hated most even though it wasn't true in most people. The altar/ shrine we built was apparently originally too offensive (we had a complaint from a fellow student) so we had to change it slightly. I thought it was actually justified as the icons that had to be removed were about money and the gross riches that The Pope is used to and the fact he had just visited Britain which cost the country millions. Even so they had to be taken down and reassure people that weren't trying to cause any trouble. Once we handed out the wine it was all good. The party itself was fun, it was nice to interact with other people on the course. The thing that interested me most was talking to second years. They were talking about how they thought uni was easier to get into this year rather than last. In most cases this course was their second choice. It made me look at the course in a different way, not that I was having any doubts. Still it was interesting to see what they had to say, especially as this was my first choice.
Having to make a sweded version of Avatar was significantly more challenging than hosting. We were put into different groups as well which gave us a chance to get to know more of the group. The filming of it was hilarious. I had a lot of fun but not much hopes for the quality of the actual film. This was until I saw the editing done by Beth, one of the people in my group. I was very impressed. We also viewed all the others. It's nice to see what can be done witth such short notice and with limited resources. Very cool.
Lectures are...strange. I'm sure there's a point and it's impressive to have someone with so much knowledge talking to you but I'm not entirely convinced they are going to help me. I'm sure I'm wrong but either way I'll walk in with an open mind.

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